Careers at Phonic

Join the team behind the first audio and video focused research platform.

About Phonic

There's a big problem in the research industry today. Qualitative research doesn't scale, and quantitative research doesn't work. Phonic is a tool that aims to merge this dichotomy into a more powerful, unified industry. We do this by building verbal interfaces at scale. Capturing opinions with voice and body language is the best way to scale qualitative research. Vocalized responses are 3x longer, 2x more descriptive, and vastly more authentic. Combining cutting-edge AI with improved ingestion & storage, Phonic users can capture insights that would otherwise take hundreds of hours to find.

The Team

The founders of Phonic met during their time at the University of Waterloo. They experienced the problems with research and feedback first-hand building other companies, and working on large-scale projects with the likes of companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Uber.

Phonic has a simple set of values to work by:

  • Dependability & Over-Execution
  • Creativity & Vision
  • Gaiety & Celebration
  • Inclusion & Teamwork


Founding Software Engineer (Frontend)

Design and implement user-friendly user interfaces with modern web frameworks. Work on our survey app used by millions of respondents.

San Fransisco / Remote

Founding Software Engineer (Backend/Infrastructure)

Model deployments, containerization, API layers, databases and more. Help us build the pipes to store, process terabytes of data.

San Fransisco / Remote

Product Designer

Build the face of Phonic. Design user interfaces for multiple products, build landing pages, advertisement creatives, promotional content, and more.

San Fransisco / Remote