Launching Starter Tier and Custom Credits

Product Update
June 27, 2022
Phonic Team


Hi everyone, today we're incredibly excited to be launching a more affordable version of Phonic. We've always had a Premium tier that offers most of our features along with 200 responses/month. The problem is that research comes in waves - one month you might collect a few hundred responses, and the next month you're completing analyses, or are in-between projects.

To help you manage your Phonic subscription with the ebb and flow of the research process, we've announced a new affordable tier: Starter.

New Starter Tier

Our new starter tier starts at just $36/mo and comes with all the major Premium features plus 25 responses/mo. This tier is perfect for anyone who is either just starting with Phonic, or who is interested in accessing and analyzing data without actively running research.

Credits Let You Customize Usage

What if you need more than 200 responses per month? It's now possible to update your plan with extra bundles of 50 credits per month, enabling fine-grained price customization. Check out our new pricing calculator for flexible usage.

Phonic's new flexible pricing calculator.

Improved Usage Visualization

Historically, it wasn't always easy to understand how many credits were being used each month. We've launched a new and improved usage visualization in the Phonic homepage dashboard so you can view how many credits you have consumed each month - and which surveys consumed them.

New Credits summary in the Phonic Dashboard.

Check out our credits documentation to learn more about the new Phonic credit system.

Premium Is Staying the Same

Premium users will continue on their current plans with no changes or interruptions.

As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our team at Happy researching!

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