Qualitative insights for User Experience researchers.

With UX Missions, Phonic makes testing prototypes, MVPs and full applications a breeze.
Whether it be a prototype or a full application, Phonic lets you watch users test products by sharing a single link to your app.
No setup or wiring of prototypes required.

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Design your study

Design missions where testers can explore Figma prototypes live applications.

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Collect responses

Share testing links with your users.

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Watch and tag playback sessions, and understand feedback holistically.

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Share reports and showreels with team members as you build a research corpus.

Leverage voice, video & screen.

Generate interview quality insights- without the interviewer. Phonic lets you listen to users test your product, and answer qualitative or quantitative follow-ups.

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Everything you need in one platform.

Phonic consolidates multiple parts of the research process in one platform, saving 40% more time on user research.

Design qualitative or quantitative studies.
Transcribe and translate multi-language studies.
Code and analyze qualitative data.
Build showreels and reports to share insights.
Integrate with Sheets, Zapier or other systems.

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