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Join thousands of academic researchers from hundreds of top universities like Stanford, MIT and Harvard.

Our background.

In early 2020, we launched the earliest version of Phonic within academic research circles at Stanford and the University of Waterloo. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped thousands of individual researchers transition their in-person research online, and built hundreds of features to support specifically academic use cases like Qualtrics and NVIVO integrations.

We also believe in open research, one reason we offer Phonic at-cost to students and academic researchers. Inquire with our team about this academic discount.

Academic Software Logos

Features specifically built for academics.

Everything you need bundled in a special academic tier, plus integrations with the tools you already use.

Collect audio inside any Qualtrics survey
Set the microphone to record immediately (thinkaloud) or add min/max response times
Test audio, video, or HTML stimuli
Export to CSV, TXT or Google Sheets for custom analysis
Collect active consent from participants
Plug into Prolific, MTurk and other panels
GDPR/CCPA compliant, plus streamlined IRB/REB approval

Supporting labs in every department.

Design custom, complex studies like thinkalouds and stimuli responses.
Design elicited production and other flexible, multilingual experiments.
Collect authentic answers from any community, in their own words.
Education &
Efficiently collect and scale feedback from professionals.
AI Research
Easily build and label large audio and video datasets.
And More
Scale and take in-person methods online, or add richness to survey research.

Trusted at 500+ universities.

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I love how versatile Phonic is. I have been able to embed Phonic surveys and recorders into a Qualtrics survey for my research. It’s very easy to use and the Phonic documents lay everything out for you. The customer service is unparalleled! They respond to email so quickly, fix problems and troubleshoot code, and take suggestions seriously.

Shannon R.
Graduate Student

A great tool for collecting recorded sociolinguistic data!

Javier L
Graduate Student

I like the ability to run audio and video-based experiments at scale—it's been nearly impossible for years until Phonic.

Nick B.
PhD philosopher-scientist studying reasoning, well-being, and technology.

The convenience and ease to collect participant data while conducting research and knowing that Phonic is IRB approved!

Mary Kate S.
Student-Athlete at Iona College

Phonic allowed me to collect linguistic data in the middle of a pandemic.

Erwin L.
Senior Researcher

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