Phonic is designed with data protection and privacy top-of-mind.

Additional Privacy Details

Regarding the privacy of respondents:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as first and last name or email address is not explicitly collected during a survey.
  • All respondents must consent before having their microphone enabled, and can always re-record a particular response.
  • IP address is consumed for city level, location-based tracking. This can be disabled in the survey dashboard at any time.

Regarding the treatment of data:

  • All data is encrypted at rest in GCP or AWS data centers.
  • Survey data is never accessed by anyone inside our organization without prior approval of the survey creator.
  • Survey data is never shared with anyone outside of our organization, except in the case of transcription.

Regarding transcription:

  • Phonic currently relies on Amazon Transcribe as part of our transcription pipeline. The Amazon Transcribe privacy policy can be accessed here.