We're obsessed with insights.

Our mission is break down the barriers between quantitative and qualitative research, allowing businesses to collect genuine insights at a scale that they can trust.

About Us

Qualitative research rocks. If you ask any early stage startup how they generate insights, they will all say "We talk to our users". Indeed, some the most innovative companies in the world rely on unstructured conversations to generate unique, potent business insights.

But qualitative research can also be expensive and time consuming, both to collect and analyze. What's more, how can an insight be broadly trusted when the quality of in-depth conversation limits scale? Why do all research methods seem to inherently tradeoff quality and quantity?

This is exactly the conversation that the founders of Phonic were having when they decided to build an insights startup. Phonic was born out of a necessity to generate meaning where traditional feedback methods fail.

Phonic participated in Y Combinator in 2020, and is backed by other awesome investors. In December 2022, Phonic joined Infillion.

Our Values

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds in academic research, computer science, engineering, insights and more. We're united by a shared set of values and a desire to build great products.

We do what we say, and over-execute at every opportunity.
We get it done, by any means necessary.
We think outside the box, and problem-solve efficiently.
We empathize with our users and our team members.
We take big bets, and we're not afraid to be contrarian.
We take the lead in tackling important problems.

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