Revolutionize your surveys with voice and video.

Build beautiful voice and video surveys with the traditional survey question types you love. Collect rich data sets with qualitative insights grounded in quantitative measures.

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A leaner, faster way of conducting research.

Time is money. Phonic converts your currency from hours to minutes with the most user-friendly, online qualitative research solution.

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How it works

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Design your survey

Design powerful unmoderated studies that capture audio, video, screen recordings, completely hands-off.
Choose from over 20 question types, add stimuli, use skip logic, and more.

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Collect responses

Share Phonic links, embed forms on your website, or integrate with third-party recruitment platforms.

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Analyze your results

Sort through a mountain of data with AI-enabled features that accelerate analysis: automatic transcription, multi-modal sentiment analysis, and response tagging.

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Reports & Showreels

Cut, stitch, and subtitle any media in Phonic with an intuitive, cloud-based video editor to help you tell genuine stories.

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Make audio and video a breeze.

From storage to transcription, translation, and coding, Phonic alleviates pain points in the entire research chain.

Transcription in 32 languages
Free translation for multilingual studies
Automated, manual or hybrid response coding
Sentiment and emotional analysis
Media enabled reports and showreels
Unlimited media storage

Don't take our word for it.

Thousands of researchers around the world rely on Phonic for remote research.

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An order of magnitude better insights into customer feedback by using voice and video. Users shared significantly more information when they spoke than with traditional typed/slider responses.

Research Manager
Fortune 500 Insights Team

Phonic allowed me to collect linguistic data in the middle of a pandemic.

Erwin L.
Senior Researcher

I like the ability to run audio and video-based experiments at scale—it's been nearly impossible for years until Phonic.

Nick B.
PhD philosopher-scientist studying reasoning, well-being, and technology.

The convenience and ease to collect participant data while conducting research and knowing that Phonic is IRB approved!

Mary Kate S.
Student-Athlete at Iona College
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Built for feedback of all kinds. 

Employee Feedback Icon

Customer Feedback

Your customers want their voices to be heard. They want to share their ideas and explain their feelings authentically. Phonic lets them.

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Market Research

Expand your qualitative studies, or improve your quantitative ones. Phonic steps in where open-ends fall flat and focus-groups & interviews don't scale.

Academic Research Icon

Academic Research

Bring your studies online. Accelerate coding, plug into your existing research stack and focus what you do best.

Marketing Icon


Test your advertisements, content, and messaging before it goes public. Protect your brand, and follow the voice of your customer.

Testimonials Icon


Let your customers explain to new ones why they find you useful. An audio or video testimonial is far more trustworthy than a star rating, or text comment.

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User Research

Understand your users at another level. Watch them use your product, demo unboxings, conduct voice diaries and more.

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