Discover new Market Research methods with voice and video.

Phonic voice and video surveys are the perfect compliment to focus groups and in-depth interviews. Phonic is a blend between traditional surveys and structured Interviews, empowering your team to collect qualitative data from anyone, anywhere, and at scale.

Blend qualitative feedback into traditional quant surveys for the best of both worlds.
Collect open and closed-ended responses in ongoing mobile ethnography or diary studies.
Watch real people open and test physical or digital products in their home.
Async Interviews
Facilitate asynchronous structured interviews through verbal and written prompts.
Compare two concepts or prototypes in a randomized A/B test.
Understand how consumers perceive and consume a specific brand through their own voice.
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Tooling for market research agencies.

Start collecting, analyzing, and understanding verbalized feedback, wherever it comes from.

Integrations with Qualtrics, Decipher, SPSS and dozens of other tools and platforms
Transcription & translation of audio and video for global, multilingual studies
Test audio, video, or HTML stimuli
Human/AI hybrid coding platform
Collect active consent from participants
Integrate with Prolific, Cint, Dynata, CloudResearch and other panels
End-to-end encrypted, plus GDPR/CCPA compliant

Data you can trust.

More is more. Whether you’re a survey researcher who is looking for better responses to open-ends, or a qualitative researcher looking for focus group alternatives, Phonic surveys give you more data.

More Features
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How it works

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Design your survey

Design powerful unmoderated studies that capture audio, video, screen recordings, completely hands-off.
Choose from over 20 question types, add stimuli, use skip logic, and more.

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Collect responses

Share Phonic links, embed forms on your website, or integrate with third-party recruitment platforms.

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Analyze your results

Sort through a mountain of data with AI-enabled features that accelerate analysis: automatic transcription, multi-modal sentiment analysis, and response tagging.

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Reports & Showreels

Cut, stitch, and subtitle any media in Phonic with an intuitive, cloud-based video editor to help you tell genuine stories.

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How Voice Surveys Bridge the Gap Between Quant and Qual Research Methods
Quantitative methods are faster and cheaper, but sometimes let us down in quality. On the flip side, qualitative methods are time consuming and laborious. Read more about how voice surveys tackle this timeless problem.

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