Phonic for Market Research.

Phonic is the easiest way for any company to easily add voice and video superpowers to their research offering.

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Tooling for market research agencies.

Start collecting, analyzing, and understanding verbalized feedback, wherever it comes from.

Integrations with Qualtrics, Decipher, SPSS and dozens of other tools and platforms
Transcription & translation of audio and video for global, multilingual studies
Test audio, video, or HTML stimuli
Human/AI hybrid coding platform
Collect active consent from participants
Integrate with Cint, Dynata, CloudResearch and other panels
End-to-end encrypted, plus GDPR/CCPA compliant
Full API

Design and field thousands of unique studies in one platform.

Check out a few of our favourites below!

Blend qualitative feedback into traditional quant surveys for the best of both worlds.
Video Diaries
Collect open and close ended responses in ongoing mobile ethnography or diary studies.
Watch real people open and test physical or digital products in their home.
Unpack cost percecptions and purchase intent with a multimedia pricing study.
A/B Tests
Compare two concepts or prototypes in a randomized A/B test.
Understand how consumers perceive and consume a specific brand.

Trusted by leaders in industry and academia.

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