Product Update: Crosstabs, Key Bindings, and a Whole Lot More

Product Update
April 26, 2022


April has been an awesome month for our team as we have executed on our most hotly requested features. Let's get into it!


Crosstabs are a cornerstone of quantitative survey research. Crosstabs plot two variables against each other in an easy-to-interpret chart. Variables can be anything quantitative, such as:

  • The answer to a selection question
  • Respondent age, gender, or location
  • Tags applied to open-ended responses

To get started, select a survey and visit the "Crosstabs" tab. When creating a crosstab you will be prompted to select two variables from a dropdown of possible values.

Discrete variables can be compared directly, however continuous variables (like a numeric response) require a threshold or set of intervals in order to discretize. To learn more about transformers and crosstabs, click here.

Key Bindings

You might have noticed some changes to the survey app- specifically the ability to answer selection questions by pressing keys instead of clicking a response.

This is just the beginning. Pressing shift brings up an entire set of key bindings that respondents can use to navigate surveys in a breeze.

Key bindings exist to go forward, backwards, start and stop recording, and answer quantitative questions.

To enable key bindings for your survey, go to Survey Settings > Additional Options and click "Allow respondents to use key bindings".

Min & Max Response Lengths

It's now possible to specify both a minimum and maximum response length. This can be enabled in question settings for any text-based question type, or audio type with backup text enabled.

A minimum response length of 100 characters.

Variable Quality Video

Video bitrate can be changed within survey settings. The default is high bitrate, however low bitrate videos may be preferred in low-data environments.

Embed Questions

The final major upgrade is an interface for embedding recording widgets. Under "Share" select the "Embed a Question". This page lets you select a question from a dropdown of options and customize the recorder's style, behaviour and text. The right side of the page shows a preview of the configured widget.

And A Ton of Other Updates

  • Notifications when transcription completes
  • Missions stability fixes
  • Upload surveys via CSV
  • Survey export stability improvements
  • Share page redesign
  • Improved survey search
  • Likert responses can be added to reports
  • Overhauled survey templates
  • Redesigned Insights tab
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