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Product Update
November 16, 2021
By Phonic


This fall has been a tremendous month for our community. With more researchers than ever doing incredible work on Phonic, we've been working hard on our most-requested features. This month's update is massive, containing the launch of our in-house panel, new sharing options, notifications, and a complete design overhaul.

Phonic Recruit

With Phonic Recruit, our in-house panel, you can now purchase survey responses directly within the Phonic platform. We understand that finding study participants for audio and video studies can be hard, and we want to take this burden off your plate. You can begin using recruit by clicking the Recruit icon in the left side menu:

Filter by demographics, location, income and more within Recruit.

Embedded Surveys

New sharing options mean Phonic can be embedded anywhere. Embedding is as simple as selecting the desired format and copying a snippet of code into a website or app.  Phonic embed options preview directly in the builder and can be toggled between full screen, a side drawer, a button popover, and an inline embed. The copyable embed code is located under the survey Share tab.

Access previews of the different embed types under Preview Settings in the survey builder.

Email Notifications

Sometimes it's useful to be updated when someone finishes your survey, for example when a user completes an onboarding flow. It's now possible to receive an email on this event using email notifications. To enable notifications, simply navigate to the survey of your choice and click Options → Email Notifications.

Email notifications let you automatically email someone when a survey is completed.

New Stimuli Types

We've introduced two new stimuli types: iframe and HTML.

  • iframe stimuli let you include a link to most websites which will be rendered beneath the survey question text.
  • HTML stimuli renders any custom HTML components.
The embed stimuli option embeds another website inside of a survey.

Images In Showreels

Showreels allow you to assemble audio, video, and text blocks in a simple video deliverable. We just added the ability to include still images to your showreels. This opens the door for custom branding and more attractive, styled videos.

Showreel title slides now support colours, fonts, alignment and background images.

Design Overhaul

You might have noticed that things look a little different in Phonic lately. We've redesigned our application to better represent our brand and the bleeding-edge research that happens every day.

If you have any questions about how to use these new capabilities or would like something added to Phonic, please reach out to our team!

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