Launching Reports

Product Update
October 19, 2021
By Phonic
Launching Reports

We kept hearing that large audio and video files are a pain to send around. This makes it difficult to share research findings, present results, and collaborate with others.

Enter Phonic Reports!

All audio files, video clips, charts, word clouds or transcriptions from any of your Phonic surveys can be added to a report and shared with a link in seconds. Reports are also super clean and professional looking: check one out for yourself!

Click here to check out a demo report

This update helps researchers present data from new studies and breathes life into old data. At Phonic we don't want researchers and users to have to cobble together multiple tools just to get the job done, and have continued to build a one-stop-shop to collect, analyze, and now present audio video data.

How To Build a Report

Going about creating a report is incredibly easy. Simple click the new "Reports" tab in the sidebar, and click on the "Create Report" tile.

create a phonic report

From there, you can add a variety of different blocks to a report.

  • Any survey response, including text, audio, video and screen recordings
  • Any chart found in the analysis tab
  • Text, images, or anything else with a Markdown block
  • phonic reports block types

    Reports can be protected and shared internally, or made public for external use.

    As always, don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions!

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