Templates, Conditions, Javascript & More!

Product Update
October 19, 2021
By Phonic
Templates, Conditions, Javascript & More!

Launching Our Template Library

Audio and video enables new and powerful kinds of feedback and research studies. Think-alouds, video diaries, and audio feedback studies are all changing the way that consumers provide feedback and researchers tell stories. However, getting started with this new medium can be challenging, particularly for researchers who are used to traditional survey types.

Enter our template library, a set of battle-tested survey questions that make it easier than ever to get great voice and video feedback. The template library will automatically be opened whenever you click "Create Survey".

Random Conditions

Say you want to run a survey with two cohorts, with slightly different logic for each group. This is exactly the case in an A/B test (one of our new templates)!

Random conditions make this a breeze. Simply set some conditions, assign each a weight and boom 💥 - you're running an A/B test.

random survey conditions for a/b test

Editing Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is an easy way to tell whether a response seems positive or negative. However, like many AI algorithms it sometimes makes mistakes. This is incredibly quick and easy to resolve with sentiment editing, allowing researchers to maintain accurate datasets.

editing sentiment analysis

New Question Types

Today we're also launching a number of updates to our survey builder, including new and improved question types. Most significantly is our "Date" question type.

date question type

In addition to this, the Likert question type now also supports a variable number of columns with custom labels.

Other Updates

  • Custom Javascript can be added to survey questions
  • Data labels can be added to clean up question export
  • Video playback in the survey app is disabled by default
  • UI and performance improvements

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