February Product Launch: Phonic Usability Testing

Product Update
February 17, 2022


Hello researchers! It’s been a fantastic start to the new year, and the team here at Phonic has had no shortage of feature requests from our community to keep us busy. Keep the feedback coming, and the momentum will continue. Without further ado, here are the highlights for the month:

Introducing: Phonic Usability Tests

We’re excited to announce that Phonic can now be used to test online applications. Our screen-recording question type has been redesigned and reimplemented to support online missions. Researchers can watch participants explore the internet with ease, combining webcam video with screen recording into a sleek new testing interface.

Survey Persistence

Let respondents continue where they left off. This has been a feature commonly requests since our inception, and we’re happy to announce that it’s been shipped to all Phonic users this month.

Survey Events

Write custom Javascript which will execute on common survey events such as completion, start, and screen-out. You can access this feature from Builder → Settings → Event Bindings.

Session Sorting & Filtering

Long awaited has been the ability to filter sessions by date and bookmark status. We know that this feature is long overdue, which is why it’s a relief that this is now in our product once and for all. Stay tuned for much more complex filtering (question responses, completion status, etc).

Other Updates Include

  • Question translations
  • Fresh new Insights tab
  • HTML stimuli editing
  • Custom survey events
  • Showreel subtitle editing
  • Hover for translations in reports
  • Search text responses
  • Added transcription language support

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