Video & Screen Recording

Product Update
October 20, 2021
By Phonic


Phonic started out with a simple idea: make it easy to collect authentic, qualitative feedback from anywhere. Until now this has meant embedding a microphone in online experiences and collecting voice at scale. Today, we expand our vision with general purpose video and screen recording capabilities.

Video Recording

Sometimes voice isn't enough, and you need to see someone's face. Phonic now allows video question types, allowing the respondent to answer questions with their webcam. Video responses are also automatically transcribed.


Screen Recording

A common use case of Phonic is for product feedback, since voice can be used to augment Net Promoter Score and generate high-quality, authentic customer feedback. With screen recording questions, Phonic now gives you the ability to watch people use your product.

This also records the microphone, so you can encourage users to speak aloud as they test a new feature, demonstrate a bug, or complete some online action.


Flow Control

Skip Logic is used to jump between different questions depending on an answer, conditionally showing certain sections or preemptively ending a survey.

Randomization is used to shuffle certain questions to reduce order effects and improve data quality.

New & Improved Survey Builder

Building surveys shouldn't be difficult - our new drag-and-drop builder makes it possible to create beautiful surveys in minutes.


Other New Features

This stuff isn't big enough to get its own heading but we still think they're pretty cool features 🤠.

  • New themes, colours and fonts
  • Text fallback for audio questions
  • Automatic name and email collection
  • Numeric question type
  • Updated documentation (
  • Performance improvements

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